I believe we all have deep reservoirs creative expression just waiting for us to author. Art and writing is how I express myself. I’m surprised daily by the stuff that finds my brush and pen. I have a few coaching slots available, schedule below. New work posted monthly. Daily on Instagram. @niyachristine. Cheers!

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February Works 2019

I love playing with my iPad. At first I used Procreate and Sketches as warm up and design thinking before painting. Now a little habit has formed that would likely cause an ugly case of withdrawls should I quit it. More coming soon.



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Sometimes we just need a little support, structure and to know that there is a person in our corner. I began coaching by request after blogging an illustrated story a day in 2013. This project culminated into the book The Art of Daily Cultivation and inspiring media for those who create. I specialize in ‘body of work’ projects. Those who are working on a long creative project. For example, a book or series of paintings, film etc. I utilize some tools from my book “Seducing the Muse” but mostly I listen deeply, with steady support and structural tools for your creative adventure.

If you are interested in discussing your creative project, plans, desires, let’s set up a 30 minute call.

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About Niya

Niya C. Sisk MFA writes from a visual point of view and paints from narrative ideas. Drawn to humor and psychological themes, her work amplifies the charm and tragic delight of being fully alive.


More Art from the Galleries

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