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Max has his own social media following @maxthebigbunny

Niya C Sisk, MFA

Niya's career background is technology design and research leadership in the Silicon Valley. A California native her most powerful creative influences are: Dr. Seuss, O'Keeffe, Diebenkorn and Chris Gwaltney..

She is the author of Po'Bird: A wingless bird determined to fly. And recently published 4 books. Seducing the Muse: Get unstuck with a creative love affair, Coloring Bunnies #1 Hot Release on Amazon and an illustrated memoir Alex the Feral Cat.  

Educated in creative writing, psychology and art, her writing is painterly and her paintings are psychological. Animal stories are people stories too! They explore the theme of community and belonging. The tensions of social expectations and imaginative independence. 

Niya lives in Portland, Oregon with her little fat rabbit, Max. Her daily routines include mountain biking, yoga, painting and consulting.


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