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Niya C Sisk, MFA

Inspired by communication, story and thoughtfully crafted making. Her career background as a designer of products and brands in the Bay Area. Niya's  deepest creative influences are: Dr. Seuss, O'Keeffe, Diebenkorn. She is the author of Po'Bird: A wingless bird determined to fly. And recently published 4 books. Seducing the Muse: Get unstuck with a creative love affair, Coloring Bunnies & Coloring Chickens#1 hot release on Amazon and an illustrated memoir Alex the Feral Cat. And authored cookbook, “Cakes of Color” Gluten-free recipes illustrated and catalogued by color psychology. Cakes of Color retailed in 5  Whole Foods stores in the Bay Area. To learn more about Niya's food illustration practice go to, Illustration Kitchen.

Educated in creative writing, psychology and art, Niya made a career as a designer in technology and print. She enjoys the challenge of extrapolating the essentials. And continues to help clients shape their identity and decorate their online homes.

She lives in Portland, Oregon with her little fat rabbit, Max. Her daily routine moves in and out of book making, cooking, designing brands for clients and painting in the studio. 

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