I am inspired by the element of surprise as I paint. While pure abstraction is the intent, the paint tends to shape into characters and storylines. If I'm listening well that day good stories develop and I show up to interpret and transcribe.

There is comfort in the fact that creativity has it's own life force. I bring the physical agency and the rest just happens. 

I see the process of painting as a highly dynamic space — phased like a love relationship. The newness and flirtation when we don't know one another yet and show our shiniest self and hope. The joy of beginning and testing the boundaries. The power struggles and arguments about what goes where and in which color. And the peace of commitment when the relationship has aged into a multilayered expression of color, marks, explorations, meditations, shapes, surprises, identity losses and gains, arguments and make-ups. When the decision to stay and keep what one has found together has been an evolution—something to celebrate.

Color is my drug of choice. I feel it coming on like a sneeze or hunger pain. I often use the canvas as a mixing palette. While oil on canvas is my foundation, in recent years I've opened the palette to a range of mediums on paper.

Critics might call me a messy painter and they would be right! As a recovering perfectionist, I'm a little proud of it.

List of collectors and exhibit CV coming soon...