For me painting is the only place in life where I experience not being my thoughts.

We are inundated with media daily and the general stresses of life can nip at our heels. Yet I’ve found that it’s the media/stories from the inside that rules the roost. While painting I encounter the unexpected pleasure and comfort of the paint doing the talking. The animals that emerge have quirkiness and beauties that seem to have nothing do with the thoughts of day. This freedom gives me big joy. A testament to humanity that there is always something to celebrate beyond the dailies we live.

I am also inspired by the element of surprise as I paint. And I don't seem to escape how paint tends to shape into characters and narrative. If I'm listening well that day story dynamics take over and I show up to interpret and transcribe.

Currently my painting style is shifting into pattern mixing and the formal elements of line and color. I sense a series of abstract landscapes coming on. Stay tuned.