A wingless bird determined to fly


This is a book about belonging …

Po’Bird has a big problem. He’s missing a few things in life that would normally protect and keep him safe with his bird tribe—like wings to fly. When his brothers and sisters forget and leave him in a tree, Po falls to the ground. He is lost.

Inspired by a dream of a whale that propels him into the air, he sets out on a brave journey to find wings to fly and get back to his family. With each adventure he is certain somebody will help him get his wings. But the circus creatures don’t see his handicap because they are different too.  Po’s determination to find the one answer to freedom is met with the grace of a new answer that only the heart can deliver.


"From the very first chapter they were hooked on the story of poor little Po, the baby bird without wings. On top of that, the illustrations are
so unique and creative!
My artistic six year was particularly entranced with the pictures and was tickled by the piano cow.  From start to finish we have loved the story of Po'Bird. highly recommend it to everyone!"