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Utilizing Tools from my Book “Seducing the Muse”

Sometimes we just need a little support, structure and to know that there is a person in our corner. I began coaching by request after blogging an illustrated story a day in 2013. This project culminated into the book The Art of Daily Cultivation and inspiring media for those who create. I specialize in ‘body of work’ projects. Those who are working on a long creative project. For example, a book or series of paintings, a book proposal or the simple (not) act of daily creative discipline even for just 5 minutes per day. Accessing and keeping creative energy close to us is something I care passionately about. I utilize some tools from my book “Seducing the Muse” but mostly I listen deeply, with steady support for your creative adventure.

If you are interested in discussing your creative project, plans, desires, let’s set up a 30 minute call.


PoBird Children’s Book 2nd Edition

PoBird was an amazing adventure from day 1. Sketching in a bar over a lovely glass of Chardonnay for the NYC sketchbook project, Brooklyn library. I saw a bird going after a nibble of Rice Chex in a cereal box from a trash bin on the street. I thought about how much birds love cereal boxes. And then the silly thought… “they should make babies”. I was only on the first glass of wine, but…

From there the rest is history. PoBird is the result of a mama bird and a cereal box who hooked up. Poor bird… PoBird!

Watch for the second edition in 2019. It’s MoBetta!

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Niya C. Sisk MFA writes from a visual point of view and paints from narrative ideas. Drawn to humor and psychological themes, her work amplifies the charm and tragic delight of being fully alive.


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