2019 Cakes

Gluten free cakes catalogued by color psychology.
New and improved second edition.




True to the classic, rustic gourmet style the recipes are sophisticated and down-to-earth. Green Tea, Lavender, Vermont Maple, Orange with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Drizzle, Blue Velvet, Chocolate with Salted Caramel — the Cranberry Spice will surprise you with its zest and sweetness.

Each recipe offers a gluten free flour blend that is not overly complex and polite to all ingredients involved. The recipes have been kitchen-tested with the rewarding results of moisture, enhanced flavor and nutritional value.

CAKES of COLOR” retailed at 5 Whole Foods Stores in CA


tasters and cookbook enjoyers have said:

“Your cakes take the word, gluten out of the whole experience. YUM.” ~ Jennifer

“I can’t believe these are not in starbucks!” ~ ANN

“How did you get them so moist? Every one we’ve made is amazing.” ~ Fran

“Little Elliot Loved the chocolate cake with salted caramel. And he knows his cakes.” - M.Curato, “little Elliot big City”