Welcome to the New Space

Oh gosh, there were so many reasons to upgrade this website. How do you like it? I'm personally tickled and delighted. I have a new remodeled house I get to play with. Additions and interior design are an open road. If you remember, the previous space was a simple blog. It contained a structure for blogging the paintings and stories in 2013 daily. It worked really well for that. But other functions like the store and image display for a gallery and general technology additions that required more juice just wasn't possible.

With new products, publications and events on the horizon this fall, I decided it was time for a full re-design. It's been in development for weeks now in between the stuff of life. I'm very pleased. Here are some of the new additions:

— You can order the softcover version of The Art of Daily Cultivation: A celebration of 365 story paintings

— I am now coaching in the area of creative practice. Crave Coaching will have a robust blog about creative process and will be a sister site to this one. This site is all about making, while Crave.Today is all about supporting others in their making.

— This platform also allows Gallery representatives to view new work in process. I am working in series mode now. Currently 2 series are in process and one is being photographed and will be published in the New Work gallery soon.

—I'm very excited about the 7 {squared} series. My goal is to create 1-2 per month between now and late spring. For the holidays 2 will be published and ready for purchase. See 7 {squared}.

The most exciting thing? This platform graduates us to a more robust, expansive and organized space to grow from the now archived 365 dailies {now archived but available for viewing}.

Welcome! enjoy it! and my gratitude to Jess Nunez, my partner in crime for all things technological. She's so great.