Waiting for Blue

  While most are making new years resolutions, I've been eliminating them and making watercolors work on a limited palette -- without blue. Why? Good question. And a convoluted answer, but I'll give it my best.

Two days before holiday vacation, feeling better I was set to go ... but the respiratory infection came back with 3 times the power. Add sinusitis and fever/flu. After canceling vacation and a big ol' not so satisfying redhead temper tantrum (not pretty), I settled in to paint. My Van Gogh pan watercolor set was nearly empty. I've had it for close to 10 years. There was yellow, green, ochre, black, orange a smidgen of red, no blue. I put in my order for another set but with the holidays delivery was delayed.

Without blue I enjoyed thinking about what was possible. Without the expectations blue packs into a painting my mind wandered to  the light I love so much in Santa Fe, NM — the church murals and rooftops in Tuscany and Umbria, Italy hilltop towns. I began a new series imagining being there. You can see those paintings here if you are curious.

New Years resolutions have culminated into the lessons of a limited palette.  What would the year be without too many goals? What can be subtracted and what needs full on focus? Perhaps consider subtraction and limitation this year as a way to pull into full focus what matters most. What gets your love and tending this year? Those lucky people and projects!

Here are a few watercolors to share while I waited for blue. {Frida Khalo, if you are listening ... I get you!}.



And, after blue, I had to paint big flowers and a blue sky. Ah...



Happy News Years Everyone -- 2015 feels juicy to me.


ps: Thank you for all of the sweet well wishing about my health. I'll be okay. This seems to only happen one every 3 years or so but when it does it takes no prisoners. I'll be looking forward it moving on. In the meantime, it hasn't been all bad. I got to paint!