The Key of Tea

  The other day a friend sent me a powerpoint presentation to cheer me up and help me to unplug.

The words went like this:

~ When the static of technology starts to wear us down ~ Press the TEA key ~ Fly away from the trappings of today ~ Sip a warm and sweet drink ~ Find the peace deep within us.

tea key on computer

Besides the fact that this did indeed cheer me up in a harried work week, it got me thinking about the quality of attention that not only nourishes our art making but also well being.

A few situations in which attention is awakened — the senses brought to a narrow point of view:

~ Travel to another country ~ Illness ~ The stress of change ~ Learning something new ~ Purchasing an expresso machine and learning to use it (my recent adventure) ~ Falling in love

To this last point, falling in love. I believe this is a necessary aspect of creation. A caring attention framed as small as a donut hole will do. Even if only for 30 seconds; and if simply a tree leaf, your child's hair, a ceramic cup.

I was watching a National Geographic short film called "Grand Canyon Gets Camera Obscura Treatment." To understand life, photographer Abelardo Morell wanted to look at the world in 'rooms' — photography tells him where to pay attention.

"One needs some hub in the world in which to look at things and understand." By giving the world a frame he pretends it's the whole world.

For me unplugging for a day ... listening to beautiful music, sipping tea narrowed the view into a Camera Obscura frame. It delighted me and rested the nervous system. I was more productive that day. In resting the multi-active action — the constant calls to action via devices into one frame of action (using hands and senses), it drew attention closer and I gained time.

In framing our world in smaller bits perhaps overwhelm fatigue can rest. Reflection kicks in, imagination has a bit of room to play - and we fall in love a little. Maybe the beauty of the moment filters out the unnecessary and non-urgent and things make sense again.

Enjoy your Sunday. And be sure to look inside the donut hole - the imagination of the world just might present itself to you.


This article is dedicated to Denise. Thank you!!! You are great friend.