Summer Creativity


What I love about the summer heat is painting... well, everywhere! It can be a little random considering the variety of choices. Watercolor at a cafe early in the morning as the sun comes up at 5:30 a.m.? Or order two cups of coffee and paint with one, skip the cup of water for dipping? And then what about breakfast? Consider the many types of breakfasts possible with all the fresh fruit and vegetables. But what I get a kick out of is the yoga that happens organically from painting large (and in charge? ha! not really) on the floor. 

This has been a year of deep and wide organization and the new website and brand is part of the outcome of digging through the piles of digital dust and art in pockets, containers and vessels all over the place. Years of mining and deciding what matters not, what might matter later to keep and what might matter later but isn't in line with goals and so it goes. I'm still deep into it. Finding half written children's stories and business ideas such as The Half Sandwich shop (if we can mix and match ice cream why not 1/2 sandwiches? Besides how many times do you just eat 1/2 of the sandwich?) and piles of sketches, old novels, scripts and more. It's endless. What keeps me going is the vision of a light and airy creative summer. 

Summer can be that way. I remember it well as a child. Sun, water and suntans - wet dogs and the smells of food cooking, swimming until toes are soggy and hair is turning green. 

Summer is a good vitamin. I would love to hear about your creative summer thoughts and plans.