Perfection to Profection

Still geeking out on reflections of perfectionism in action. There was something bothering me after I wrote and published "Marvelous Human Mess". The gist of the article was encouragement to use the messes of our creation for more creation. To roll around in the mud and let the word 'mess' be something of a fossil of a past concept.

However, I think what was missing in that article was something that a reader brought to my attention later. Also something that a Joseph Campbell passage also touches upon. What about when you are striving to make something incredible? Isn't that what distinguishes the artist? Campbell believes so. And there is a good and proud feeling — a soapy, clean feeling after going all the way with a work you really care about it. I'm still feeling this from my most recent book. It's a great feeling.

Soooo ... perhaps it's the human imperfections I'm drawn to (the Marvelous Human Mess) ... while the object the artist crafts - (all heart circuits engaged) is where the stingy edges of perfectionism turn to gold. Or in the words of Steven Pressfield, when we turn Pro. There is still a dissolving of self/ego in both. Deep into a work I find that I no longer matter, it becomes something else. And once the work is released to the world it's no longer my business. It becomes completed by the stories in the people who engage with it.

Perfectionism perhaps ... has a good and strong instrument in the beginning stages to motivate the passion into the work. But after awhile the creation asks us to sacrifice and allow the work to become what it wants to become. When we listen deeply the relationship to the work turns to PRO-fection - to the public domain.

Therefore, I wish you all a healthy dose of human imperfection. Yet, a strong measure of perfectionistic energy toward your creations and the courage to sacrifice that when the listening takes you beyond perfection to PRO-fection.

Happy Monday!

PS: I will be in SF this Wed. eve as the Featured author event, chatting it up and reading from The Art of Daily Cultivation. If you are in the area, here are the details ... come on by!