Natural Food Dyes, Colorful Cakes

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When passions all come together in one place it’s kind of pure bliss. That’s what is true for me with creating colorful, healthy cakes and making a cookbook where all the goodness can come together. Having said that… in my first cookbook, Cakes of Color I was a bit more focused on the perfect Gluten Free flour than the most concentrated color dyes I could get from nature.

I love the sensual journey of where color psychology, taste and smell come together in sharing a beautiful cake. If you love color in your baking adventures, read on…

So let’s look at some amazing sources for natural color dyes:

Color Kitchen Foods is a wonderful online source: I like the box of 5. I recommend you double the quantity for a full cake.

For a good red cake (jewel spice in Cakes of Color) beet dye source:

Wholefully is a nice one.

For a full grocery store list where natural food dyes are listed:
ColorKitchens Store Resource

There are so many things you can dye when making a colorful cake. White chocolate with a lavender dye shredded on the frosting, beet juice concentrate in chocolate is a nice trick to add flavor interest and deepen the chocolate color to a deep reddish brown. Natural dyes are a huge delight in the kitchen.

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