How Painting is a Natural Relationship Therapist

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When the paint is flying I often feel various shades of vulnerability, joy, curiosity and amazement. The journey of creative action is the one place (for me anyway) where I SO-NOT-IN-CONTROL. And, that feels right to me. Like a bit of delightful truth in a sea of daily cultural messages and dramas that often feel shocking and disorienting. Painting is a place that takes me to my own little private island of adventure and life force. No matter what happens on the canvas I find comfort in this dynamic. 

That's why I'm smiling a bit about what happened this weekend. I had a private studio collector / friends gathering on Saturday night that resulted in the sales of several paintings. Most of them my new work that I've been questioning as valid for the public. This past year I let painting go completely for 6 months as I tackled a difficult job environment. It took all of my energy. Coming back to painting has been quite a journey. I have been surprised how hard it was to get back and also how a new style emerged. My hands simply wouldn't stop moving. So I've created several pieces with lots of dense marks, some animals. A departure from the calm color conversations once held in each piece to more of a mosh pit of abstract expressionism. She was most drawn to these pieces. And she gave herself her most favorite painting. A 4 ft large Koi on loose canvas and several others. I have been reeling ever since. 

Painting not only commands a very close relationship between artist and the creation process but also between artist and public. It's humbling and community building to open up the studio to a collector or have an exhibit and really listen to what people say and how the art imprints on their minds, hearts and souls. For me this is about as meaningful as life itself and a delicious slice of chocolate cake. To see the paintings sold you can see that here: instagram gallery.

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