Fat Animals Series

What I love about art is that it can begin with most meager expectations — yet, one thing leads to the next and now you find yourself falling in love and sailing around the world. Panel1-2

My collage experiment began with a long panel because it was on sale at the art store. I filled it with random paper I wanted to recycle. I saw a couple of tall rabbit ears and off I went. One of the rabbits (the one with the apron) got under my skin. He is pudgy with a bow tie and has a story. After the first panel, the poor rabbits had a small request (bodies), but I really wanted to make one long rabbit mural. So back to the art store: 2 more 12 x 48's and back in the studio to do both. I've just ordered 9 more canvas's to create 3 more series. Fat animals based on the rabbit with the apron. Who turns out to be a personality replica of my fat rabbit, Max. Ah… life, you make me giggle.

Close up on right of panels 1 and 2

Panel 1 at the top and then the bodies underneath. And here is a close up of the rabbit in the clouds:


And now, panel 3 full scope.

Panel 3 to follow 1


The long version of 1 and 3:

14 rabbits there.


And a close up:



The 3 also mix and match well:

3 and 1


And the rabbit bodies (panel 2) looks pretty nice over the bed:


Stay tuned for more of these fun puzzles. Aiming for a full zoo by the end of the summer. Wishing you all the very best this summer. Stay cool.