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Urbaca Exhibit
Studio Photo with Koi.jpg

If you happen to be in the Pearl District of Portland, stop by Urbaca for a facial, massage or some other yummy self nurturing thing. They are incredibly talented. And they serve wine and other drinks with your service. My art will exhibit there through the end of October. Photos here were taken at the First Thursday event. Urbaca celebrated 20 years of service. It was awesome. 

A Wee Bit Obsessed with My iPad

Digital art isn't a direction I would have normally taken. But often the day is so packed it's all I get into the day. It's very relaxing. Like a nice glass of wine and good slippers. 

And more than that I have found a new freedom in the fast action of scribbling on glass. You can add as many layers as you like, so if you don't like something you just add another layer and in the end negotiate which you keep and which goes. Much like collage or layering an oil painting with gesso when you aren't into what's happening. 

As I opened up to the medium more and more using the Apple pencil and Sketches app on my iPad I thought about a children's book conference I had been to when an editor from Penguin Group showed a digital illustration and an analog one. He asked us to guess which is which. And we got it wrong 8 times out of 10. Then I saw Hockney's iPad work. I don't love all of it and I'm not a jewel tone type. But there really is a backbone to this medium. And the prints can be huge without losing resolution. Not to mention that when you are on an airplane you don't have to bother the flight attendants with requests for water to dip the brush or worry about spilling it on your neighbor. 

My art printing rep who licenses my work requested mostly the iPad abstracts. I'm in. I'm still growing from the medium though I have a bias towards the physically made works. I'll see where this goes. 

Color, Line: Into Abstraction — A Painting Challenge

Day One- Connection  

I've never considered myself an abstract painter. But until 3 months ago I hadn't considered myself a cat person either. Both have got my heart's imagination bouncing off the walls and returned to a newness I didn't know I needed. { I had no idea cats could be so, ahem ... powerful. He owns me }.

Recently, I've put some positive changes into motion in my life to make more room for painting, book-making and designing the stuff I really care about. The past 7 months have been an exercise in letting go of the blade of risk I had been balancing between art and day job. In other words, I took a full time day job. I learned a big lesson: You can't get on the path to being who you are in your work and life and then shmoosh yourself into a box that was too small in the first place. Onward!

However, during this life lesson, I kept daydreaming about abstract painting. Sometimes the urge was so strong I'd have to doodle it out in my journal before work or on my lunch break. I had some figurative large paintings going in 1 hour sessions on the weekends, but I wasn't into it.

So when my artist friend Judy Jacobs announced the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge starting September 1 -- and I finished my last day of FT work last week — I didn't hesitate (she's an inspiration - incredibly prolific). So a month of abstractions are here. I'm very jazzed.

I'll be selling them as I go in the store. And posting daily here.

And if you want to join, it's not too late ... go here to sign up.

As for what I'm learning in abstraction is that it is a world that reaches through the artist, like music. The artist isn't making something. Something is being discovered and made. Very exciting and requires much reflection and listening. I'm loving it.

-- Sorry for the long hiatus in blogging. I've been in job jail. But I'm out now!