Bunny Butt #7

Copyright Niya Christine Last year while working on the rabbit series in May I kind of became hooked on painting bunny butts. I'm not sure why. Recently I've had a chance to explore it. I'm taking a book design class. And as I was learning about kerning and paragraph styles and such, I thought it would be more impacting to just design a tiny book to practice. So I wrote stream of consciousness for 15 minutes on all the possible reasons bunny butts make me giggle. Then I gathered up 7 paintings and plopped them in. I'm pretty happy with the result. So I'm exploring options to publish book in parallel to the "Art of Daily Cultivation" in the next couple months.

Fun, fun, fun.

…………………a little 7x7 hardback book in the making; here is a spread sample.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.54.11 AM