100 PaperColorCrushes on Instagram.

I've been a little busy challenging myself in an area I've never been comfortable in. But this past winter I began to obsess over abstract painter's works like rabid dog. Every chance I got. So when Elle Luna launched the 100 Day Project on Instagram I thought I would simply push a bit of paint around on paper to see what would happen. Subject matter has been my lifelong space of comfort. Particularly if a story is involved. 

Well, you can probably fill in the rest. I've been as taken with making abstracts as I was in being an audience for them. I find this process slows me down and makes me have a deliberate conversation with urges and arguments for this line or that line, this color or that, restraint or splash, etc. I'm looking forward to the next 75. And I will release a framed collection for sale the 3rd week of each month starting this coming weekend, May 21. The pieces range from 9x12 to 22x30 on paper and museum board. They are much juicier up close that's for sure. 

So that's my art news for the moment. Enjoy your day!