When Your Copyright is Stolen on Amazon
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People say it’s compliment when someone steals your art, copies it and sells it to the marketplace to profit from your hard work. As you can tell by how I wrote that sentence, I don’t agree. It’s actually pretty time consuming and at this point futile to get Amazon to do the right thing and remove the page from the site.

I’m an author illustrator on this Coloring Book. My other one, Coloring Bunnies has been going strong for a couple years. This is the second one in the series. It was given a false ASIN with a publisher date of 1806, a terrible review and my name all over it. This seller, on Sellers Marketplace at Amazon created a page for sellers to sell my book of which I do not see a penny. Only the person who stole it gets paid. I won’t cite the details but after 8 calls to Amazon, I’ve gotten the corporate run around and no action. I am now enlisting my IP lawyer to write a cease and desist letter. From now on, I will not self publish to Amazon. Not only because of this experience but because self publishing and the time to market and sell has not been worth it. I am partnering with publishing houses. I’m pretty sure they have their own lawyers.

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Art, Science and the Holiday Spirit

A couple hundred years ago the art of painting went from trade to profession. Color was a scientist’s tool for uncovering important information about our molecular structures, and artists were given the power to infect culture from the prestige of the wealthy and the critical thinking of academics. The announcement of the scientific discovery of kangaroo bacteria that has the power to curb the methane expulsions out of a cow’s rear end and Monet’s announcement that he is certain that the color of the atmosphere is violet.

Science and art. Art and Science.

We are not our history, just like we are now our now. We are also not the product of the times we are in. Our now is technological immersion, and a physical craving for clean foods, nature, human connection and real change. Technology has a ‘suspending’ effect. Online shopping, waiting for packages, posting something daily to exist, waiting for responses. I find myself reading real books more, observing more and being kinder to people because they seem to need it more than ever.

The holiday spirit culminates into one thing for me. Food, Community, Art Making and sharing. And of course lots of interaction with a certain rabbit. While the world’s heartbeat (a large portion anyway) is beating to the violet hum of screens that I’m sure Monet had not factored into his hypothesis, I’m learning recipes, pulling out the markers, illustrating and wondering what the holidays are nowadays? A habit? One of the few opportunities for community in a violet atmosphere of Twitter and truncated facts?

If art in all of it’s mysterious invention can move from trade to profession a couple hundred years ago I’m ever hopeful that foodie culture can turn a high-tech-spiritually-starved culture into a communal-high-touch-deep-laughter-human culture.

And that… my friends is my wish for you this season! Human, warm and with amazing food and color.

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Natural Food Dyes | Colorful Cakes
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When passions all come together in one place it’s kind of pure bliss. That’s what is true for me with creating colorful, healthy cakes and making a cookbook where all the goodness can come together. Having said that… in my first cookbook, Cakes of Color I was a bit more focused on the perfect Gluten Free flour than the most concentrated color dyes I could get from nature.

I love the sensual journey of where color psychology, taste and smell come together in sharing a beautiful cake. If you love color in your baking adventures, read on…

So let’s look at some amazing sources for natural color dyes:

Color Kitchen Foods is a wonderful online source: I like the box of 5. I recommend you double the quantity for a full cake.

For a good red cake (jewel spice in Cakes of Color) beet dye source:

Wholefully is a nice one.

For a full grocery store list where natural food dyes are listed:
ColorKitchens Store Resource

There are so many things you can dye when making a colorful cake. White chocolate with a lavender dye shredded on the frosting, beet juice concentrate in chocolate is a nice trick to add flavor interest and deepen the chocolate color to a deep reddish brown. Natural dyes are a huge delight in the kitchen.

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Woven Wines, Belle Saveur Chef Jessica Feature Cakes of Color Cookbook

Join us November 1 for some art, cakes, wine at Woven Wineworks in the Pearl district, Portland.
Click on images below to see full details…

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