Redhead Rabbit Roadtrip Summer 2019


May 28-29 Twin Falls, Idaho
May 30-June 4 Kanab, Utah
June 4-5 Henderson, Nevada
June 5-6 Los Angeles, CA
June 6-30 Pacifica, CA
June 30-July 4 Wine Country Estate, N CA
July 4-8 Petaluma, CA
July 8-15 Forestville, CA
July 15-16 Portland, OR. stopover to Bainbridge
July 16-28 Bainbridge Island, WA
July 28-August 2 Bellevue, WA (maybe)
August 3-11 Luxury Home Oakland Hills, CA
August 11-25 San Miguel Mexico (maybe)
August 26-Sept 3 Sacramento CA (maybe)

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Twin Falls Idaho May 29.


Kanab, Utah. May 30 - June 4


Henderson, Nevada, Mohave, Los Angeles Ca “en route” to Pacifica Ca


Pacifica, CA June 6 - June 30


It just keeps getting better
and better.

Wine Country is Next : June 30 - July 16


I’m tempted to only photo journal about this trip, but I’ve been keeping some notes that you just can’t make up.

Twin Falls. As I rode in I wondered why I was going into the deep West. It was as you would imagine, 70’s and 80’s music. The Doobie Brothers singing to me from big speakers outside the gas station. Men with dogs and guns in their beat up pick ups. But I needed something very different - a radical change of scenery. If bunny was not in tow, I would be in Bali or Spain.

Max LOVED the place we stayed at in Twin Falls. He got his zoomies out. I hadn’t seen him so comfy in a place in a long time. I realized he had been living in an apartment for 3.5 years. This was his first night out of the box. I wonder what it’s like for animals… it doesn’t seem natural. Up high from the ground, surrounded by odd smells and sounds. As the trip has evolved, I’ve seen his personality utterly change. He’s so energetic. And so loving around other animals. No more apartments for us.

Utah was amazing. I had never stayed and I had never seen the red canyons. And Best Friends Animals Sanctuary reminded me that there is hope and true success in some organizations. They have gotten the euthanasia stat down from 17 mil to 1 mil in 2019 with the goal of 0 by 2020. So cool, I got their T Shirt “Save Them All”. I stayed with friends in Utah in their Bed and Breakfast. It smelled like cedar and vanilla - with candles lit to greet us. And then a sit in the sauna - ladies sauna hour. The sound of their fountain, views of the greenhouse and garden and the silence that cuts into an ancient place. Again, only the deep West has this layered effect. Repelled and drowning it simultaneously. Max thumped a lot at night. The sounds of coyotes and owls I would imagine. Laurel and I hiked and talked creative projects, marriage, animals, change, missing the Bay Area. We both had exciting jobs in the Bay Area and similar experiences of intellectual underwhelm where we lived the past years. We saw a huge desert snake. 9 feet long. Luckily we carrying the dogs because the pavement was so hot. The soles of my REI hiking boots slid side to side and by the time we finished our hike had nearly fallen off my feet. I had worn them only twice before. But not being much of a hiker it was 2x’s over a year ago and they won’t take them back.

Max and crashed into Vegas looking hard for a hotel. It was 106. I had to leave the air on even when I got out of the car. After 3 hours and tons of deal breakers, mostly about bunny and I was on a budget, I broke down and decided to splurge on a Marriott overnight stay. I was meeting my friend for dinner at a fancy place, and had 30 minutes to turn it around. I pulled up to the Marriott, turned off the car and it wouldn’t start again. Overheated. So definitely we would stay here. They had a 100.00 pet fee that I convinced them to wave for Max. The next morning I couldn’t walk because I had broken my toe at the Jacuzzi the night before. The staff brought me breakfast. They were wonderful. I had to wear shoes and the sandals were excruciating. How to get the stuff into my car when I couldn’t walk on cement already hot in 100 degree temps? I put on my boots of course. And 5 minutes later, no pain. The boot repositioned the toe that was dislocated not broken. Yay. Game on again.

Los Angeles was next…


Redhead Rabbit Roadtrip to be continued.

A Wonderful Collector
An example of a gallery wall in my own space.

An example of a gallery wall in my own space.

New long and skinny abstract art.

New long and skinny abstract art.

After installation of several paintings into collector's home recently.

After installation of several paintings into collector's home recently.

A summer of creative goodness is the only way I can begin to describe this summer. It started in May when I decided to begin (with the help of a mentor) to develop my dream business over the summer for a Fall 2018 launch. Since my late 20's I have dreamed of being an interior designer. But I was deeply steeped in the field of high tech product design in the Silicon Valley. Not to mention I was a closet fiction writer. It took years of education, book publishing, and lots of product design to get to the point where I realized the ultimate dream wasn't going away. Since I was 8 years I loved designing spaces. But more so, I loved what a little color, pattern, shape and composition added the emotional tone of a room. How spaces and walls have the power to shift our self perception and create more connection with ourselves and others. 

As I have been working with clients and the new website for interior this summer. Last weekend I helped install 7 paintings into a collector's home in combination with interior design consultation. This began with a private studio party where I pulled out several paintings for the collector to choose from. I am integrating wall art design into the interior design launch. I will also be continuing to fund this new venture with continued product experience design and branding. So it's gonna be a nutty year. I shouldn't be this happy about it. I should be falling over exhausted just thinking about it. 

Some new things... I have simplified purchasing my art. Learn more here.

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Art, Science and the Holiday Spirit

A couple hundred years ago the art of painting went from trade to profession. Color was a scientist’s tool for uncovering important information about our molecular structures, and artists were given the power to infect culture from the prestige of the wealthy and the critical thinking of academics. The announcement of the scientific discovery of kangaroo bacteria that has the power to curb the methane expulsions out of a cow’s rear end and Monet’s announcement that he is certain that the color of the atmosphere is violet.

Science and art. Art and Science.

We are not our history, just like we are now our now. We are also not the product of the times we are in. Our now is technological immersion, and a physical craving for clean foods, nature, human connection and real change. Technology has a ‘suspending’ effect. Online shopping, waiting for packages, posting something daily to exist, waiting for responses. I find myself reading real books more, observing more and being kinder to people because they seem to need it more than ever.

The holiday spirit culminates into one thing for me. Food, Community, Art Making and sharing. And of course lots of interaction with a certain rabbit. While the world’s heartbeat (a large portion anyway) is beating to the violet hum of screens that I’m sure Monet had not factored into his hypothesis, I’m learning recipes, pulling out the markers, illustrating and wondering what the holidays are nowadays? A habit? One of the few opportunities for community in a violet atmosphere of Twitter and truncated facts?

If art in all of it’s mysterious invention can move from trade to profession a couple hundred years ago I’m ever hopeful that foodie culture can turn a high-tech-spiritually-starved culture into a communal-high-touch-deep-laughter-human culture.

And that… my friends is my wish for you this season! Human, warm and with amazing food and color.

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Natural Food Dyes, Colorful Cakes
Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 8.48.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 11.03.29 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 8.42.51 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 8.38.53 AM.png

When passions all come together in one place it’s kind of pure bliss. That’s what is true for me with creating colorful, healthy cakes and making a cookbook where all the goodness can come together. Having said that… in my first cookbook, Cakes of Color I was a bit more focused on the perfect Gluten Free flour than the most concentrated color dyes I could get from nature.

I love the sensual journey of where color psychology, taste and smell come together in sharing a beautiful cake. If you love color in your baking adventures, read on…

So let’s look at some amazing sources for natural color dyes:

Color Kitchen Foods is a wonderful online source: I like the box of 5. I recommend you double the quantity for a full cake.

For a good red cake (jewel spice in Cakes of Color) beet dye source:

Wholefully is a nice one.

For a full grocery store list where natural food dyes are listed:
ColorKitchens Store Resource

There are so many things you can dye when making a colorful cake. White chocolate with a lavender dye shredded on the frosting, beet juice concentrate in chocolate is a nice trick to add flavor interest and deepen the chocolate color to a deep reddish brown. Natural dyes are a huge delight in the kitchen.

If you want to stay in the loop on my cookbook publications SUBSCRIBE and enjoy knowing before anyone else!

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 9.09.32 AM.png
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