The Art of Daily Cultivation

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We all have that thing inside... something more that needs a little air time. How do we connect with what matters and build the dreams that make us whole while we’re faced with life's daily demands and dramas?

After becoming my own lab rat in a year-long life experiment while running my business and dealing with a huge family loss, my answer is this: one day, one ritual, one hour at a time.

This book offers daily paintings, each with their own short story. As well as the lessons I learned that you can use to reconnect every day with the creativity in your life. 

A lot of books will confirm my belief that daily practice engenders innovation, creative productivity, even health and well being. But I have yet to read a book that helps us see how. This is that book. 

My vision for the you, the reader: Whether you are building a body of work, or a business, or you simply want to be a better friend or parent, this book will help and inspire you to establish a daily practice of your own.

"We cannot do great things, but we can do small things with great love."  ~ Mother Teresa

“This is A very special book indeed.  Niya painted a painting every day for 365 days and a story with each one. She describes this painting endeavor as a “beckoning for change.” Her work is exquisite, and she shows everything that worked and didn’t work so well. I was so touched to hold this amazing creation in my hand, and couldn’t understand why I was so emotional. This book was about being spontaneous with paint -- and claiming our heart's wishes and fulfilling them. something that I had denied for a long time.  

now I’m beginning again, and I draw from inspiration and wake up every day with excitement. A spring has returned to my step. Painting just makes me happy.”


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Author Bio


Niya C Sisk earned her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Art in 2004. Her works of fiction include: Seducing the Muse: Get Unstuck with a Creative Love AffairBragging Bantering Bawling Story Collection, The Art of Daily Cultivation, PoBird: Wingless bird determined to fly, The Vignettes of Provence Visual Travel Stories. Her non-fiction works include, Coloring Bunnies Adult Coloring Book, Bodacious Bunny Butts: A house rabbit owners guide to bunny personalitiesCakes of Color Gluten Free Cake Cookbook.

Niya was the founding editor and producer of the literary flash fiction magazine Curly Red Stories featuring nearly 50 talented writers since 2008. Niya is currently writing non-fiction books on creative practices and fear busting ideas relevant to getting creative work done. She lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon with her big, entertaining rabbit, Max. Niya's Amazon Author Page contains her current selection of books available.