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A few words ...

I am deeply inspired by the element of surprise as I paint — the veritable garden of imagination that grows stronger with practice.  I invite the viewer to enter their own story in a piece. I am delighted when a viewer finds a little character or animal that asserted it's presence in a painting. My paintings don't want to be serious.

The pure abstracts are relationship dynamics in action. Phased much like a love relationship. The newness of the open space when we don't know one another yet. The joy of beginning and testing the boundaries. Expressing gut level feelings and contradicting them with fears, frivolity or wit. And then the peace of commitment when the relationship has aged into a multilayered expression of color, marks, explorations, meditations, shapes, surprises, identity losses and gains, arguments and make-ups. When the decision to stay and keep what one has found together has been an evolution; unlike a declaration that has all the trappings of inauthenticity.

Characters often in the expression of animals appear out of nowhere doing silly things. A rabbit waltzing with a ballerina in a forest of flowers. A funky, shy, large-footed critter ventures to climb a canyon and is bothered by blue jays with big mouths.  

My art is very much about building a world with a strong, precise feeling and point of view. Subject matter begins as shapes that ground color relationships; an excuse for lots of color to interact. Color is my drug of choice. I feel it before I start a piece and never mix on a palette first. I mix on the canvas or paper itself. Many of my paintings mix acrylic materials and oil paint and pastels. Critics might call me a messy painter and they would be right! As a recovering perfectionist, I'm a little proud of it.

Niya Christine