Niya Christine

Niya C Sisk, MFA is inspired by communication, story and humor. She invites viewers into joyful scenes. Deepest influences are: Dr. Seuss, O'Keeffe, Diebenkorn. She recently published 4 books in 2016, a book on creative practices Seducing the Muse: Get Unstuck with a Creative Love Affair, Coloring Bunnies & Coloring Chickens, and an illustrated memoir Alex the Feral Cat.

Niya is a trained graphic designer with a makers style of implementation. She likes to think while in motion. Sketching, prototyping, field studies engage her clients solutions in ways that extrapolate the essentials. She continues to help clients shape their identity and decorate their online homes at Niya Creative

Niya has a passion for perfecting gluten free cakes. To practice she created a cookbook, “Cakes of Color” Gluten-free recipes illustrated and catalogued by color. The illustrations were sourced by the Food and Wine section of The Art of Daily  Cultivation — “Cakes of Color” was approved regionally to retail in 5  Whole Foods stores in the Bay Area.

Niya lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon with her fat rabbit, Max. She is currently working on a new cookbook and a series of large figurative abstracts. To commission a painting for simply contact her from here to start the discussion.

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