By Niya C Sisk


SEDUCING THE MUSE: Get Unstuck with a Creative Love Affair


What if the muse was waiting by your bedside every morning with motivation, love for your project and a bucket of creative inspiration? We think of being visited by the muse if we are lucky — a fickle force of inspiration that knows the secret of our creative success. What if the muse requires a little more skin in the game? "Instead of waiting for inspiration, go after it with a club" - Jack London. But offer tea, add some nice shoes and your kind of style. Create the conditions for inspiration like you would a love affair and keep inspiration in your life for good. This little book is packed with creative vitamins and mind-frame tools that support the following: 

• Build stable, repeatable systems for entering the zone of creativity. 
• Learn how to stage your creative process as you would a dinner party. 
• Make "time" work for you by committing to a long view perspective. 
• Engage in a courtship with the muse and fall in love with your creative process.

A Few of My Illustrated Books ...

PoBird Children's Book

Po’Bird has a big problem. He’s missing a few things in life that would normally protect and keep him safe with his bird tribe—like wings to fly. When his brothers and sisters forget and leave him in a tree, Po gets lost. Inspired by a dream of a whale that propels him into the air, he sets out on a brave journey to find wings to fly and get back to his family. With each adventure he is certain somebody will help him get his wings. But the circus creatures don’t see his handicap because they are different too.  Po’s determination to find the one answer to freedom is met with the grace of a new answer that only the heart can deliver.

Cake of Color: Gluten-free Cake Cookbook

True to the classic, rustic gourmet style the recipes are sophisticated and down-to-earth. Green Tea, Lavender, Vermont Maple, Orange with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Drizzle, Blue Velvet, Chocolate with Salted Caramel — the Cranberry Spice will surprise you with its zest and sweetness. Each recipe offers a gluten free flour blend that is not overly complex and polite to all ingredients involved. The recipes have been kitchen-tested with the rewarding results of moisture, enhanced flavor and nutritional value. Avocado and grape seed oils are a couple of examples of what makes these cakes healthy for your skin and immune system.

“Cakes of Color” is offered in 5 Whole Foods Stores in CA. The book contains unique recipes and a portable gallery of cake art by the author.

Learn more...

Cakes of Color is currently on the move to find it's ideal publisher and offer expanded content. In the meantime, you can try out recipes at They Draw and Cook and read a bit more about this book at Illustration Kitchen.

The Art of Daily Cultivation / 365 Story Paintings

SUMMARY: In 2013 I launched a daily practice painting and blogging micro-fiction to each. I envisioned monthly themes eventually becoming chapters in a big beautiful museum quality book. This is that book. More than a personal habit improver, the project became a structure and inspiration for others in the shaping of what matters most in their lives.

 Public Reading, San Francisco, CA.

Public Reading, San Francisco, CA.

FROM A READER: Susan, India.  “Less than a week ago, I received a book in the mail. A very special book indeed called, The Art of Daily Cultivation by Niya Christine. In 2013, Niya painted a painting every day, complete with a story line for each painting, for 365 days. She describes the decision she made for this daily painting endeavor as a “beckoning for change.”  Her work is exquisite, and she shows everything that worked and didn’t work so well. Every day. I was so touched to hold this amazing creation in my hand, and couldn’t understand why I was so emotional (I had to sit down and cry.) This book was about being spontaneous with paint on paper or canvas ; about claiming our hearts wishes and fulfilling them (with some discipline.) This was something that I had denied for a long time–artistic expression. And so now I’m beginning again, and I draw from inspiration and wake up every day with excitement. A spring has returned to my step. Painting just makes me happy.”

Author Bio

Niya C Sisk earned her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Art in 2004. Her works of fiction include: Seducing the Muse: Get Unstuck with a Creative Love AffairBragging Bantering Bawling Story Collection, The Art of Daily Cultivation, PoBird: Wingless bird determined to fly, The Vignettes of Provence Visual Travel Stories. Her non-fiction works include, Coloring Bunnies Adult Coloring Book, Bodacious Bunny Butts: A house rabbit owners guide to bunny personalities, Cakes of Color Gluten Free Cake Cookbook and releasing in May 2016, Seducing the Muse: Get Unstuck with a Creative Love Affair. Niya was the founding editor and producer of the literary flash fiction magazine Curly Red Stories featuring nearly 50 talented writers since 2008. Niya is currently writing non-fiction books on creative practices and fear busting ideas relevant to getting creative work done. She lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon with her big, entertaining rabbit, Max. Niya's Amazon Author Page contains her current selection of books available.