Explore and relax in the entertaining world of chickens. They click along the ground not bothering anyone —looking for a scrap of seed or bread. They have endless patience and they love to be admired. There is only one problem, they need color to be adored and admired as they should be. This book provides country, folksy, woodsy, garden filled scenes where the chickens roam. Additionally a special section of crazy chicken mandalas in included. I hope you will color their feathers and give them the life they so deserve.  

FREE COLORING PAGES WHEN YOU SIGN UP BELOW (footer). I don't like loud lists, this one is sweetness and quiet. 


JUST ADD COLOR: Coloring Bunnies offers a wide variety of bunny scenes for your unique taste and style. You can be a fine artist, floral artist or motif artist. Whether you love the details or the wide open scenes and landscapes, this coloring book offers itself to your imagination. The illustrations are not back to back. Each page includes a notes page for your thoughts and ideas. The illustrations provide oodles of peace, calm, dignity and sweetness of rabbits. But you complete this magical book.

Released February 28, 2016. New Hot Release #1 for 3 weeks. YAY! Go Bunnies. 

Coloring Bunnies was illustrated in Portland Oregon, using a beautiful fountain pen purchased at a sweet old stationary shop in The Pearl. I also used my new iPad to create repeat texture patterns to ground the images in earth rabbits so love.


The Best New Coloring Book for Easter, Coloring Bunnies by Niya Sisk

Rachelle Christensen

Today I'm excited to share a different kind of book--a coloring book--just in time for Easter! And this book is for adults who like to color as well as older kids who want more of a challenge.

Did you know that coloring is highly beneficial for all ages? It is, because it's a creative, stress-reducing activity. I love art and anything creative and I still find the time to sit down and color with my kids occasionally. My husband bought me a coloring book and I just love that there are coloring books for big kids now!

Check out Niya Sisk's delightful, whimsical, and incredible art--she's a truly talented artist and you'll feel like one too when you color your own bunnies!